Belong, Believe, Become


Church on the Rise is a church where you can belong to a family, learn to believe in Jesus, and become all God designed you to be.


Simply we are a place where you can BELONG, BELIEVE, and BECOME…


BELONG… At Church on the Rise you belong here. In fact, the first impression Jesus made on people was that they BELONGED and that He loved them regardless of how messy their life was. That is what we hope your first impression of our church is as well. We have open arms for you. Regardless of how messy your life might be; we welcome you. In the beginning we are not concerned with whether you believe the same things we believe. We just want you to BELONG, which means coming to worship services and attending a small group. Come see what we’re about. Get to know us and let us get to know you.

BELIEVE… While BELONGING is important, please don’t stop there. We want you to BELIEVE. While you are getting to know us and Jesus, at your own pace, we invite you to come to the place where you respond to the invitation to follow Jesus.  He loves you and He wants you to enter into relationship with Him. BELIEVING is about beginning and living in relationship with Him. Once you have accepted Christ, we invite you to nurture your relationship with Jesus by growing with us. We grow together by gathering in rows on Sundays and in circles during the week. In rows and circles we learn God’s word, pray together, and experience life together. When you join in you will grow in your relationship with Jesus and BECOME all God has in store for you.


BECOME… While BELONGING and BELIEVING are crucial steps in your spiritual journey, a crucial next step is your BECOMING. God made you and wants you to BECOME all he desires you to be. While BECOMING encompasses much, at its very core, BECOMING involves finding your place in God’s story. His story for you includes finding your purpose in His plan for you personally. Your BECOMING is also is about discovering how God wants to use you both inside and outside of His church. This process puts you on the life-long course for BECOMING who God wants you to be.


It’s this simple: BELONG. BELIEVE. BECOME. We invite you to join us in this journey as we all grow together as disciples of Jesus.