Become Here


At Church on the Rise we believe there is a process for Beginning, Belonging, and Becoming. At Church on the Rise we have a very intentional process for people to follow. Our hope is that everyone would find a a place to begin, find belonging, begin to believe, and become all God hopes for them.


Step One: You Belong Here-Our Pastors

First impressions and getting to know each other are critical to finding belonging in any group. If you are new to Church on the Rise we have an opportunity called "You Belong Here". This is an opportunity to gather with the pastors for an informal time of introduction at the close of the worship service. Shake a hand, ask a question, let us know how we can serve you.  "You Belong Here" opportunities are the third Sunday of every month following the worship service.


Step Two: Begin with the Bible

The best place to get to know Jesus is through His Word, but how do you get started? Begin with the Bible. Here you will learn the basics of the Bible, how to read it, how to learn it, and how to apply it to your life. Begin with the Bible is a six week study that begins quarterly, watch the bulletin for the next "Begin with the Bible" opportunity.


Step Three: A Place to Begin-Pastor Scott Eastburn

What does the Bible say about Jesus? Who is He? Find out about the essential beliefs of Christ-followers and understand what Church on the Rise is all about.  This is where we learn more about the beliefs and ministries of Church on the Rise. "A Place to Begin" is a three week course lead by our Senior Pastor Scott Eastburn. Pastor Scott leads this class frequently stay tuned to your bulletin for the next opportunity to find, "A Place to Begin".


Step Four: Becoming Places-Multiple Leaders

"Becoming Places" are our Sunday morning discipleship opportunities. These are groups are for all ages. There are co-ed groups and individual groups for men and women. We have groups for children birth to sixth grade in Cedar House Kids. If you have a middle schooler or high schooler we have environments for al of them. All of our "Becoming Places" are listed in the bulletin and if you have questions about a group stop by the Connections Desk of Family Ministries Desk. Most importantly, find a group where your faith can move from what you believe to who you are becoming.


Step Five: B3 Connection Groups-Multiple Leaders

At Church on the Rise we believe in the importance of learning together in rows on Sunday mornings. We also believe we learn better in smaller circles. We encourage everyone at Church on the Rise to find a "Connection Group". Connection Groups are the place where real belonging and belief takes shape. We have several groups that meet within and outside the church. There are groups meeting on just about every night of the week. If you are interested in finding a Connection Group ask a Pastor or visit our Connection Desk.


We truly believe that every church should be A PLACE TO BELONG. BELIEVE. BECOME. We invite you to join us in this journey as we all grow together as disciples of Jesus at Church on the Rise.